The last armor model I actually finished, I mean really finished– with paint and everything — was a Sturmtiger cut-a-way I did in 2000.  I did well with it, winning best armor at the Atlanta IPMS Region 6 show and winning a silver at the AMPS Nats that year (I missed gold by 1/2 point because my ‘operational’ tracks were not rusty enough!!!).  After that kit, I started TMD and… Well, the best way to lose your hobby is to start a resin company, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, I would like to use the TMD blog page for more than just posting updates.  In the future, I hope to add quite a lot of useful information to this page for you.  Sure, most of it will be connected to TMD in some way or another, but it should still be useful.  One of the things I’d like to do is start a series of build Blogs. I created this page specifically to support these posts.   The purpose of this page is simply to hold a table of contents that will function as an archive.  As I add to the number of builds I post, this table of contents will make it easy to go back and find a particular build, thus eliminating any need to bookmark it.

It is my sincere hope that there will be many builds archived on the Table of Contents on this page, and that they will be of some interest or use in your own modeling.


‘UNTOUCHABLES:’ M60A1, A CO, 4th TK BN, USMCR — circa 1985-87