Hello, Welcome to TMD's blog page.  From now on, this is where you will be able to find updates about new TMD products, what is going on with the shop and my personal world.  To make things easier to follow and to make sure you do not miss anything, all you have to do is … Continue reading WELCOME TO TMD’s BLOG PAGE


2018.9.21 UPDATE: Fingers Crossed

Folks, Oh, has this been a weird last two weeks.  I'm not going to go into it, but it has been a struggle to stay focused and on point.  Still, I have a lot of stuff finally starting to come together.  Come on, I'll tell you about it. NOW HEAR THIS! THIS WEEK’S BIG NEWS … Continue reading 2018.9.21 UPDATE: Fingers Crossed

PRODUCT CORRECTION: Problem With M4 Baldwin Upper Hulls

Gents, John Hale has discovered an issue with our M4 Baldwin Upper Hull.  He bought one from us that has a significant problem with shrinkage.  Now, because of the resin I use and care I take with my casting, I seldom hear about this problem and, when I do, it is almost always due to … Continue reading PRODUCT CORRECTION: Problem With M4 Baldwin Upper Hulls